On Wednesday Kroll Ontrack is hosting a 30 minute Webinar “Stay Sane While Creating a Definable, Repeatable, Defensible Data Management Process”.   Enabling corporate IT, legal and compliance teams to efficiently and cost effectively manage large amounts of data for litigation, investigations and compliance is quickly becoming a critical business need.  Keeping all data “just in case’ bloats IT budgets unnecessarily and increased e-discovery risks and costs when investigation, litigation, or acquisition occurs.  John Connell a Managing ESI (Electronically Stored Information ) Consultant at Kroll Ontrack will address these topics and discussing best practices when it comes to managing data.  John will be outlining Proactive Data Management (first steps), Identifying a Discovery Task Force, Identifying  a Definable, Repeatable, Defensible Data Management Process for your organization.  (More Information on ESI Consulting at bottom of page)
Join us October 13, 2010 for a complimentary webinar as we discuss new information management strategies and technology to balance legal concerns with IT and business requirements.  We will also demonstrate Ontrack Compass archive capabilities as an integrated search and legal hold solution.  For those that attended the MN411 Lotus Users Group on August 17th, you may recall  Compass was initially built for the Lotus Notes environment so your Notes administrators can work within an environment that they are familiar with.   Ontrack Compass have expanded our capabilities to support MS Exchange and file share archiving and more – however, this particular webinar will utilize the Lotus Notes environment.   

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010| 12:00pm Central      Link to Registration:  register

ESI Consulting:
The new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) have brought increased attention to technical and legal challenges for corporations and outside counsel with respect to electronically stored information (ESI). You now need to know where data is stored, how accessible it is and proactively understand what challenges your company may face if required to produce it.
Few lawyers took computer science or engineering courses prior to or during law school. Nor are IT specialists generally knowledgeable about legal protocol. Professionals in both disciplines are coming together to meet the challenges of data management and electronic discovery. Our experienced consultants work as liaisons between legal and IT to assess potential risks related to litigation and investigation matters. We can assist your organization to become ready before litigation strikes through development of your e-discovery plan, from creation of data maps and assessing data accessibility to document retention and destruction planning, and effective ESI preservation and litigation hold management. Our team of experts is available to provide knowledge and expertise to quickly resolve issues as they arise.