IBM/Lotus Collaboration Channel on You Tube

This week IBM launched a collaboration focused channel on YouTube.  Go to to view short vignettes of clients talking about how IBM Lotus collaboration solutions have enabled them to work smarter together.

In support of the channel IBM has executed a YouTube video campaign designed for social media consumption that features 22 real-life Lotus customers and partners explaining how IBM solutions address their business needs. Share the videos with your clients, friends, and colleagues!

Increasing the visibility of our brand is a top priority and this new YouTube channel is a first step in leveraging social media to make the most of what the web has to offer. These smart, entertaining videos are crafted to virally spread the Lotus messages via placement on social video media sites such as YouTube, Blip.TV, Vimeo and others.  In addition, we have a plan for drive uptake on the social networking sites like Twitter, Xing, Linkedin, and Facebook.

Please share the videos with all of your contacts by email, text message, or newsletter. If you are a social networker, use your blog, Facebook or Twitter account, or any other means to spread the word on the videos. They are made for passing around, so please feel free to do so liberally.