About Us


The goal of our organization is to allow technologists, vendors, and persons interested in learning more about Lotus Notes and Domino to have a place to get to know others in the community. In this ever changing market place, we strive to keep you, the end-user, the developer, the administrator, the technologist, and the decision maker, informed of where IBM and Lotus are going. We embrace the opportunities to have other technologies presented to our group, so we can make the best business decisions for our companies.


The site is a collective effort of several individuals and the knowledge of many keeping the group alive. Our value is in our goal to give people local resources for collaboration, troubleshooting, technical resources, and keep the Minneapolis/St.Paul area on the cutting edge of technology. We depend on our sponsors provide use with easily accessible locations throughout the Twin Cities to host our meetings and provide refreshments after a long days work.


To be a role model for other user groups throughout the Twin-cities and Nationally. It's too easy to say you are a leading technology city without really having the collective support to back it up. We continue to make strides in our community better help one another and make people aware of the robust solutions available through Lotus Notes and IBM tools.

If you are interested in being a part of our mailing or being a speaker, please contact for more information.

Our Sponsors:

The costs to maintain our website is minimal, however it does exist.... We are appreciative to our sponsors for aiding in keeping our group alive and allowing everyone - globally to benefit from our efforts. We are pleased to announce the coming of our sponsor page, to recognize the companies & individuals who help us financially! If you interested in being a sponsor please contact us.